Custom St. Kieran the Younger Statue

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St Kieran the Younger – custom designed statue by Patrick Flynn of Michigan Church Supply for St. Kieran Catholic Church is Shelby Township, MI.

Story of St. Kieran:

St Kieran was studying at the monastery in AranMor. One night he had a dream. He was floating above Ireland. In the center next to a river a great tree grew and its branches covered the island. The tree bore great fruit of every color and shape. The birds from all over the world came and picked the fruit and took it back to their countries. That morning St Kieran told St Enda of this dream.

St Enda had the same dream. He instructed St Kieran to go to the center of Ireland and follow the river until

he was inspired to stop. There he built the monastery of Clonmacnoise. This monastery was the most important sanctuary for saving European knowledge during the dark ages. It stood for over 1000 years and educated monks from all the corners of the world. The monastery is what St Kieran is holding in his hand. The stag came along side

St Kieran as he left AranMor and carried his books until they came to the site along the river where St Kieran stopped and built the monastery.

Contact Patrick Flynn at (800)-521-3440 for all your custom statuary needs.

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