At Home with the Word® 2019 - OW13829

At Home with the Word® 2019 - OW13829

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Paperback | 8 x 10 | 160 pages | Language: English

At Home with the Word® guides you to a deeper understanding of the Sunday Scriptures, providing the readings for this liturgical year, insights from Scripture scholars, and action steps. The book also includes prayers and citations for weekday readings. This resource runs from December 2, 2018 through November 30, 2019.

On the cover, Cody Miller, an artist from Columbus, Ohio, has used paint and cut paper to illustrate the moment when God formed a covenant with Abraham. We see Abraham and Sarah looking up at the stars that represent the many future descendants promised by God. This is the second of several scenes from salvation history to appear on the covers of At Home with the Word® in coming years.

Bulk pricing makes At Home with the Word® an economical resource to provide for large groups.