Hymn and Register Boards Slides and Number Sets

  • $35.00

Hymnboard numerals and other slides

White letters on heavy black Bristol stock. Length of slides varies from 4" to 19". We trim exactly to your specifications, but to avoid errors, always submit an actual sample. Lettering on all slides is 2-3/4" high except where noted. Slides are printed on 5" stock and may be trimmed down to your specifications between 3 and 5 inches. We cannot trim below 3" and slides more than 5" are not available, except when special made. Call for price quotes. 

The slides are non-returnable!

Set No. 12-New Liturgical Year, 125 slides, 60 numbers - TS10020

Set No. 6-Church Seasons, 45 slides, 60 numbers - TS10017

Set No. 4-Church School, 13 slides, 60 numbers - TS10013

Set No. 4A - Church School,  13 slides, 60 numbers - TS10014 (same as set #4 but smaller version- 1" letters 13 slides, 60# cut size 2-1/2" to 3")

Set No. 1-Church Hymn Board, 7 slides, 60 numbers - TS10010