Hymn Boards  - QF71HY10

Hymn Boards - QF71HY10

  • $680.00

Made of Oak. Walnut or Walnut finished wood. Magnetic field is made of sheet steel clad printed vinyl surface of walnut color. Furnished with three sets of 4" magnetized plastic numerals 0 to 9. Additional sets of numerals (0-9) $95 per set. Additional letters or numerals $12 each.

Convenient numeral storage on reverse side.

Overall Height 89"

Overall hymn board size, 16"w X 24"h, Magnetic field, 15"w X 23"h.

A: Floor Hymn Board (Shown) Available in Antique Brown or Bronze with Satin finish (Base 12" Diameter).

B: Wall Hymn Board Made of Walnut