Lenten Calendar Forty Days and Forty Nights - OWARK

Lenten Calendar Forty Days and Forty Nights - OWARK

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Forty Days and Forty Nights: A Lenten Ark Moving Toward Easter by Judy Jarrett

Children and adults can count down the days of Lent aboard an ark with the Noah family and all the animals. Similar to an Advent calendar, this unique, colorful, sturdy construction has windows and doors for each day of Lent and for the Easter celebration. Open one window each day to find scripture stories that support the values of Lent.

The ark sits on stormy seas. When assembled, each side is a little less than a cubit high and a cubit wide. The story of the great flood--forty days and forty nights--is itself one of the central Lenten stories. A booklet is included with each ark and provides scripture readings, information, and prayer for each day of Lent.

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