Monastery Incense: Russian Gardenia - UJ853

Monastery Incense: Russian Gardenia - UJ853

  • $42.95

Monastery Incense is crafted from a unique formula using the highest quality gum resins and natural aromatics, specially imported from Sumatra, Somalia, and India. Now we are introducing new, smaller packages, to continue offering you the highest quality incense for your worship at budget-friendly prices.

Discover for yourself why Monastery Incense is the most popular incense in thousands of
parishes throughout the USA:

  • A varied selection of exquisite fragrances - floral, rose, aromatic woods and resins, and special blends
  • Consistently pleasing and long-lasting scent
  • No choking or "burnout"or "gumming up"

Each fragrance is available in 1 lb packages.