About Us

Leo Flynn started the Michigan Church Supply company in 1965. He began his mission with a briefcase, hard work ethic, and a strong wife and family to support him. Since that time, Michigan Church Supply has become one of the largest and most respected church goods companies in the country.

Serving customers throughout the United States and our military at home and abroad, we are still a hard working family owned and operated company. We enjoy working with churches of all denominations, priests, the government and military, youth ministry, religious education directors and deacons. Processing orders for items churches use on a regular basis, such as sanctuary candles and communion wafers, is an area that we are proficient in. We are well versed in handling seasonal items such as palms, nativity sets, advent and paschal candles. For over 20 years we have worked with the government and handle contracts with the utmost care.

In the Grand Rapids area? Come and visit us at our new location as part of Cathedral Square. Our new store features over 10,000 books, cards for all occasions, teacher resource materials, framed art, gifts for baby, First Communion, Confirmation and weddings. We offer a complete line of church goods such as clergy shirts, communion wafers, albs, liturgical books, common cups, chalices and statuary from the world renowned Demetz Art Studio.

Our web site features a small offering of the many products we have available. If you are looking for a product that is not listed on our web site or in our catalog, feel free to inquire.

We are your World Class Church Goods Dealer.