Chasuble "Albero della Vita" - Green - WN5096

  • $3,180.00

The Tree of Life, is among Maestro Albano Poli’s most beloved symbols and a theme which has gained over time an immediately recognizable style. This Tree of Life evokes pure light, designed with straight, simple lines. It symbolizes mankind profoundly rooted in earth with arms raised to heaven. It symbolizes the Man, the Son, nailed to the cross with his arms outstretched to his Father. In the Garden of Eden the Tree gives life to all, through the passion and resurrection of the Christ God takes away the sin of the world and leads us to a new life of salvation.
In Sentia, fabric of 55% silk and 45% man-made fibres.
Chasuble "Albero della Vita", lined, roll-collar “4”.  Width 59”, length 53”, with inside stole.