Father of Mercy DVD - IPFOMEM

Father of Mercy DVD - IPFOMEM

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This powerful epic film depicts the life of Blessed Carlo Gnocchi, an Italian priest who labored heroically to minister to the wounded and dying soldiers during World War II, and later to children victims of the war on the home front. While teaching students at the Gonzaga Institute in Milan,    Fr. Gnocchi volunteered to be the military chaplain on the war front. After witnessing the horrors of the war, helping many suffering and dying soldiers, and miraculously escaping death himself, he returned to start a foundation for the many children who were victims of the war. 

Starring Daniele Liotti (Saint Anthony), this film tells of Don Gnocchi’s inspiring work with the students, the soldiers, and the children. His great legacy lives on today in the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation that provides medical care for thousands of patients in over 75 hospitals and clinics throughout Europe. He died in 1956 and was Beatified by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009.


200 Minutes

Publication Date: March 5, 2021

ISBN: 9781586173654