Oak Hymn Board with Floor Stand - 20" x 30"

Oak Hymn Board with Floor Stand - 20" x 30"

  • $475.00

Hymn Board with Floor Stand (using Register Board).  Solid floor stand with 18" square base and 98" height.  The boards are 20" wide by 30" high.  Your choice of light or dark finish.

Choose from:

(1) Set # 1 = 7 slides and a full set of 60 numbers (6 of each 0-9), that are 2-3/4" high numbers or letters on 3-5/8" height on Bristol card stock.


(2) Hymns and CD Number set  (Set consists of 60 pieces. 6 of each number 0-9) all Trimmed to 3-5/8"

All Boards are made of high quality oak veneer plywood that will not warp or crack, with solid oak slotted divider strips and a raised oak cross.  Finished in light or dark stain to bring out the beauty of the wood.

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