St.Remy Monstrance-EW7290

St.Remy Monstrance-EW7290

  • $22,495.00

This beautiful monstrance, which matches the St. Remy chalice, is one of the finest examples of the expert craftsmanship of our silversmiths. Made in 925 sterling silver or brass 24K gold plate, with cloisonne fire enamel in the cross, node and base, it is set with 40 genuine stones (Amethysts, Lapis Lazuli, Green Venturines, and Garnets). 

24" tall, 12 1/2" head diameter.

Available in brass gold plated or sterling silver gold plated.

Matching items in this set include the St. Remy chalice and paten, ciboria, intinction set, cruet set, and tabernacle.