We Learn About Our Parish Church - OWEWLPC

We Learn About Our Parish Church - OWEWLPC

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We Learn About Our Parish Church by Teresa Marshall

We Learn About™ Our Parish Church teaches children in second through fifth grades about the spaces and furnishings in their parish home and how they serve in the liturgy. The familiarity that children gain about the church and its furnishings will encourage their participation in the liturgy. Activities such as drawing their own church help to reinforce the concepts contained throughout the book.

When we come to our parish church, we are at home in a space in which we worship with others. This book lets you get to know the parts of your parish home. You will discover how the spaces in the church and the furnishings serve the liturgy.

You will learn

•   how the baptismal font connects us to our Baptism;
•   the name for the place that holds the holy oils;
•   why we bow to the altar;
•   the names of the clothing the priest wears at Mass;
•   the importance of the Paschal candle;
•   why the Eucharist is reserved in the tabernacle.

We Learn About™ Our Parish Church may be used with children 7 - 12 years old in the classroom or at home. An accompanying teaching edition for teachers and catechists is available.

This book includes

•   an explanation of the furnishings and parts of the worship space;
•   activities;
•   fill-in-the blanks with answer key;
•   pictures to color

978-1-56854-892-0 | Saddlestitched | 6 x 9 | 48 pages | Language: English