Daily Prayer in the Classroom - NN27532

Daily Prayer in the Classroom - NN27532

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Faithfulness to prayer leads to a recognition of the need and an acceptance of the responsibility to pray for one another. By providing short prayers for each day of the school year, Daily Prayer in the Classroom assists teachers, parents, and others in the experience of praying with children each day.

Daily Prayer in the Classroom introduces elementary school children to various kinds of prayer; gives teachers confidence in what and how they pray with their students; builds confidence in the adult's ability to lead prayer in the classroom or home; and offers children the opportunity to foster a prayer life. By continuing to pray daily, participants begin to see the connection between prayer and action. As they allow themselves to be open to the Holy Spirit they develop a personal relationship with God and with each other.

Daily Prayer in the Classroom consists of short prayers for each day from August through June. Each day begins with an introduction or background followed by questions for discussion and a short prayer. Part One includes prayers for each day of the calendar year including the feasts of saints, prayers for those in need, and prayers for deepening spirituality. Part Two includes prayers for the movable feasts, the incarnation and paschal cycles. A special section of prayers includes blessings of people, places, and things; traditional prayers; virtue; personal, local, national, and international needs, and times of illness or death.

Subtitle: Interactive Daily Prayer
Author: Foley, CSJ, and Peggy O'Leary, CSJ

ISBN: 9780814627532
Details: 256 pgs , 6 x 9 
Publication Date: 07/01/2002