The Ardagh Chalice and Bowl Paten - EW2728

The Ardagh Chalice and Bowl Paten - EW2728

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“The Ardagh”, a version of the original Celtic chalice.
24 Karat goldplate contrasting on antique Silver Plate. Adorned with fire enamel cabouchons and garnet stones.
7 3/4” Ht. - 5 1/8” Cup - 20 Oz.


The origin of this chalice goes back to the second phase of the Christian Era, during the beginning of the VIII century. It was discovered in the late XIX Century in Ireland by a small boy that was digging potatoes in Reerasta Rath, near the village of Ardagh. The chalice seemed a treasure that most likely belonged to a rich and well established Irish monastery. Its unique low design with two handles, hand forged construction in solid silver, deeply engraved celtic ornamentation and fire enamelled cobouchons make this chalice the most important and richest of the first Irish Christian objects and clearly one of the finest metal pieces from the VIII Century that has been discovered so far.
This version of the Ardagh chalice is taller and resembles more the shape of a chalice than the original. Like its predecessor, it features a deep celtic engraved design on cup, base and node as well as engraved and fire enamelled cabouchons.

Ciboria and monstrance available.

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