We Learn About Mass Teaching Edition - OWEWLAMT2

We Learn About Mass Teaching Edition - OWEWLAMT2

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We Learn About™ Mass, Second Edition, Teaching Edition: Handbook for Teachers and Catechists by Gerard Moore and Jean Marie Hiesberger

This book is the teaching edition for the children’s book, We Learn About Mass. Teachers, catechists, and parents will want to purchase this resource in addition to the children’s version. It includes notes and ideas for how to teach the meaning of the Mass with the accompanying prayers, gestures, and other elements. The children’s version is reprinted in the teaching edition. The teacher’s notes are printed alongside the margins for easy reference.

This book will help you learn more about Mass and how you take part in it. You will learn:

•   the prayers and responses you say aloud;
•   when to sit and kneel;
•   how to praise God;
•   to pray for the world and those you love;
•   to listen to God's Word;
•   how to receive Holy Communion;
•   other actions that are part of Mass.

We Learn About Mass may be used with children in second grade through fifth grades. It may be used in the classroom or at home.

In addition to the teacher's notes, this book includes:

•   Instructions about Mass
•   Prayer texts
•   Activities
•   Fill-in-the-blanks with answer key
•   Pictures to color
978-1-61671-035-4 | Saddlestitched | 8 3/8 x 10 7/8 | 48 pages | Language: English